Pirate Days

What's a Pirates favorite letter? RRRRR!!

Pirate days is an activity day performed by Redbeard the Pirate, a crusty old Pirate who crafted an obstacle course for Buccaneers and little Pirates of all ages

From 1 to 91, you can walk the plank, dig for doubloons, throw cannonballs. jump from island to island, try Kim's game, use a hook instead of your hand, avoid the sharks and finish as a member of Captain Redbeard's crew.

If you survive the obstacle course, you get an eyepatch and a balloon from the Captain himself.

Popular at Festivals, this activity runs approximately 3 hours.

Don Bernard a.k.a. Redbeard supplies Pirate themed music, the obtacle course, sound system, eyepatches and balloon swords.

You must provide 8-9 volunteers to man the stations and of course the little pirates.

A treasure Hunt can also be organized.

This activity can also be combined wth th Don Bernard magic show!